What just happened?

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I wrote a poem
In my head
But I didn’t
Write it out
And now I see…
It’s circling
The drain


It happens
Again & again…
Wouldn’t you
Think I’d learn?
But I’ve learned
It isn’t always


You see…
When I said it
I meant it…
Standing in
The shower…
It’s truly going
Down the drain


How do you
Retain the
Doesn’t cling
To neurons
All that remains
Memory that
It once was
And is no more


© 2015 Robert Mihaly Original Poetry


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I Know What I Need

I know there’s not

A lot I need

But I’d always

Take kindness

Who wouldn’t

Like that?

I give it freely myself

To any who accept it

When will it

Come to me?


And where’s all that love?

I was told it was free

Damn … you couldn’t

Prove it by me…

Before I depart

This ‘mortal coil’

You can bet

I’m taking my fill

A happiness deficit

Nearly broke my will

Rest assured…

I’ll be making up for that

Truly … I will



© 2015 Robert Mihaly Original Poetry