What would you do?

Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 21

Prompt 21.jpg

I do not seek to hide in stealth
Won’t bring love…won’t bring wealth
I learned to fly…I had some fun
Over now after quite a run
To know what’s in another’s mind
Scary thought…think I’ll decline
To be anything other than me
Got no idea what I’d be
I’m into comfort…not into speed
I’m the tortoise…another breed
No special powers do I seek
Would you trust me?
Or would you freak?
Don’t think in black & white or grey
A world of colors makes my day
Now to the end I’d never think
That I would end up choosing pink
Until a morning that took me down
To heal myself…a power I’d like to own
Not to worry…I’d gladly share
There’s power for me…
And more power to you


© 2016 Robert Mihaly


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Like Marley’s ghost, I wear the chains I forged in life. So I’ve at last concluded. This is not the life I planned and not the life I worked for, but the life I settled for. The things I substituted for joy now leave me cold, leave me wanting…not for more things, but to be rid of most of the detritus of living from one disappointment to the next.

Having spent an excess of forevers seeking amusements alongside one who felt it their due, I found a wealth only of regrets. I was never one to make a list of New Year’s resolutions, content, or so I let myself believe, with going along to get along. Being my nature to be kind, it seemed necessary not to make waves. But forces long suppressed will eventually return as a tsunami of emotion. And, though it took long enough…too long…to come to the surface, I finally found myself suddenly, as I thought it, overwhelmed. Regrets…I have many…some far worse than others.

But time is not reversible. Don’t we all wish it was? So here I am, entering the latest new year, working to accommodate my reflections of mistakes made, undo those I can, and move on, to make, most likely, many more. As they say…that’s life. And live I shall. Chains will be smashed. New experiences await…and I welcome them.

© 2016 Robert Mihaly


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