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She appeared unexpectedly, but just in time…for me. I was living the blues, so much so that I couldn’t bear to hear the songs. A long-time fan…but I could no longer listen. No Leadbelly, no John Lee Hooker, no Sonny and Brownie. What brought me to that point isn’t immaterial, but that’s a different and what not long ago seemed a never-ending story, now best kept in the past. 

What came into my life was a breath of fresh air…with the hope that the rest of my life would take a different course. Could love come in the late Autumn of life…or even in Winter? I wasn’t about to say no if it did.

I spied her looking my way. Perhaps it was she spying on me. It didn’t matter. She caught my eye. A vision wearing red and with a red ribbon tied around her neck. She was quite a woman, much to my liking. How could she like me? But she did. Kindness in the past had left me vulnerable to acts that were far from kind. But kindness won her heart.

No soul knows how long they have in this world. But she’s taken my hand. I’d be a fool not to follow. 

© 2016 Robert Mihaly

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