Oh, God…
Between you & me
Just wondering…
In a world
Coming unglued
Why wait for
The end of a life
Misspent ruining
The lives of others
On a whim?
Could you step up
The day of judgement
Spare the innocent
From tons of torment?
Oh…BTW…I lied
Everybody can read this…
Now waiting for
The lightning bolt…

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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It was less than a second
Maybe half a second
Or so it seemed…
But it changed everything…
Cracks in the wall
What do they foretell?
Fade to black…
Mushroom cloud
Brings a firestorm…
Roaches watch as
We push up daisies
If anything survives…
Is this a world we want?
Is this the world
We should give
To our children?
It’s the ultimate
Literal dead end…
If this sounds right
You must be crazy!
Never was it more
The way to see things…
Make love, not war
© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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MR. V.I.P.

So you’re a
Very important
A V.I.P.?
Tell me please
Why you’re any
Better than me…
You may be
You may be
A star…
Does what
You do
Take you
So far that
We should
Stand in awe?
Give me a break
So much
Is fake…
I just don’t
Believe it
You heard me
Mr. V.I.P.
I won’t



He took off
Like the
Hounds of Hell
Were on his tail
Conditions perfect
A past-its-prime
Hot air balloon…
New pilot & trouble…
Over his head

The top burst open
Streaming envelope…
Before my eyes
He plunged
To his demise…
To Baton Rouge
A stranger who
Fell out of its skies…
To me a retched memory
But lesson learned

© 2016 Robert Mihaly

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*Note: This is an account of a true event.


I never thought
It would happen again
After years+ of loneliness
A lifetime in my own Hell

But there’s a light inside
Each one’s inner fire
I refused to let the
Coldness kill mine…
Passion just on hold
It takes a special someone
To see inside your soul
Lucky that I recognized
When love came calling…
I’ll hold on for dear life
To dearer love…
Forever sweet amour

© 2016 Robert Mihaly


Why try again
He wondered…

From the start
It was always
Or so unequal…
What could
Change that?
Was it too high
On his part?
Maybe he was
Too willing to
Give his heart

As time goes by
We have to hope
Even up until
The end…
To love or
Not to love
That’s not a
Question we
Should have
To ask…



Reaching the age
Of majority & consent
It happened long past…
But as I look back
I wonder what it
Really meant…

In the Age of Aquarius
Was love free & easy?
It seems like hype
Should I feel gypped…
With love more
Open now…by far?

The rite of passage
Meant different things…
For some the right
To exercise the vote…but
Even that’s debatable…
Look where we are now

We live now in an age
Where so-called patriots
Wrapped in the flag
Seek to deny those who
See things differently…
Their rights trump all?

Any way you slice it…
That’s just wrong…right?
Where are MY rights?


© 2016 Robert Mihaly

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Appearing at the
Entrance to the
Rabbit hole
I see her…
Dressed in
And sandals
She’s not
Ready for
The ball

But I’m not
Long on formality
I follow her
I take the fall
Slipping down
Behind her
Then beside her
I don’t mind
That she planned
This all along

How can anything
Go wrong at all
When all seems
So right, I ask…
But not all is
As it seems
As I hear a voice
Calling out…
Come now, Alice…
It’s only a dream

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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He loved her deeply
There was never
The slightest doubt…
To him…perfection

Submarine racing
On a summer’s eve…yes
But respect for her
Was total…no meant no

But he wondered why
When he said he loved her
There was no like reply
Was she shy…or not
Feeling the same for him?
If not…did he want to know?
Came the day…the answer too
She wanted freedom
No meant not him

Years passed…a lifetime
Love’s in the picture
He believes it can last
Just as he had already feared
Love would be nevermore…
All over and in the past
He knows providence
Shines upon him…fate
Finally came through

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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