A rough space
A gem in the rough
A studio-to-be
In a gem of a building
Built in the early 20th Century
Then left to decline
A pair of starving artists
Intending to set
The world on fire
A pile of pieces from
Salvaged walls
Oak & pebbled glass
Would make a classy
Office…on the cheap
The only big cost…
Time…to strip old paint
Assembling oak walls &
Newly painted panels
But best plans & such
The collaboration
Went astray…just as
The building must be
Left behind…
Demolition an option
But saved at last
Cheap studio gone
But history remains
The Tower Press Building, Cleveland, Ohio
On the National Registry of Historic places
Built in 1907 for H. Black Co.
Now rebuilt as urban lofts
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.18.09 PM.png

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