In music
And in art
Writing, acting
We all play a part
Stars fill the heavens
And nearer ones
Fill our lives
With shared humanity
What makes them
Much more special
If that’s what they are?
Maybe it’s us…
Who would wish
To join them…
To also be a star
Or maybe just vanity…
We love the things
They show us
We worship them
Until they fall…but
Here they come again…
It’s the curtain call


Where does love
Come from and why?
Some seek forever…
Some barely try…
While love finds them

We know love’s
Not a luxury…but
The cost can be so high
As necessary as air…
Without, we slowly die

Our spirits know
When they are
Matched…don’t they?
Lives completed
Side by side…
It’s what we need

© 2016 Robert Mihaly

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Love Is A Magic Ray – A poem by Khalil Gibran

Love is a magic ray
emitted from the burning core
of the soul
and illuminating
the surrounding earth.

It enables us
to perceive life
as a beautiful dream
between one awakening
and another.

Kahlil Gibran


It’s a hard life
She thought…
Her children
Growing older
Mostly out of
Her sight

If God has a plan
For each of us
What’s the point
Of what He planned
For her life?
Pain from the start

Parents who didn’t
Protect her from abuse
Left her abandoned
They ran wild…
Hardly would know
They cared at all

Is it any wonder
To see her fail
When children
Came into her life?
What did anyone expect?
Her life long ago wrecked

We say He has a plan?
Maybe some could believe
But the evidence so far
Comes far short…
Maybe…despite wishes
To the contrary…it’s all
A random sick joke

© 2016 Robert Mihaly


Mellowed by life
And its variety of
Slings & arrows
I settled into what?
A state of Zen?
Not that daily affairs
Can’t get my goat
Or get me down…
I never claimed
To be so perfect…
Just that I try hard
To be easy-going
In a topsy-turvy world
When most flows upward
Contrary to science
I do my best to
Understand what
I can change or not
And how to adapt
What is both easy & hard
Changing myself…
To find my place and
To live my own life
No stress on or from others

I guess that’s cool enough 

© 2016 Robert Mihaly


A rough space
A gem in the rough
A studio-to-be
In a gem of a building
Built in the early 20th Century
Then left to decline
A pair of starving artists
Intending to set
The world on fire
A pile of pieces from
Salvaged walls
Oak & pebbled glass
Would make a classy
Office…on the cheap
The only big cost…
Time…to strip old paint
Assembling oak walls &
Newly painted panels
But best plans & such
The collaboration
Went astray…just as
The building must be
Left behind…
Demolition an option
But saved at last
Cheap studio gone
But history remains
The Tower Press Building, Cleveland, Ohio
On the National Registry of Historic places
Built in 1907 for H. Black Co.
Now rebuilt as urban lofts
Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.18.09 PM.png


The card was
Dutifully signed
Handed over
Without ceremony
But long ago
The meaning lost…
Above the signature
Was post card love

He hadn’t always
Felt this way…
Or felt nothing at all
But time and
Took their toll
He found his back
Against the wall

Solutions aren’t so easy
We build traps for ourselves
Love has no finite limits
Coming from the deepest well
But when we reach the bottom
There’s nothing left to do
So accept my missive
Gracefully…you needn’t know
But probably do…
The time passed long ago
When I could say the word
And know it was true


It was an ice cream sundae
Memorable for all time
Large enough for two
With everything sublime
Called the Harem Sharem
Ice cream…several flavors
Syrups, whipped cream,
Nuts and a cherry on top
Eaten with two spoons
(Hers and mine)
The restaurant is long gone
And so is that someone special
We parted, found our own ways
But memories linger…even

As new ones are made


You danced in the ring
A gaudy display of pride
But did you not think

There are consequences?

You’ll always lavish
Yourself with the spoils
Paper over all the

Dirty details

Were it possible
I’d blacklist you
But why should I

Waste time

When this poor vessel
Must now work
Tooth and nail
Simply to survive
No sympathy when
You get your due
© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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When is it time for me?
A life as dutiful son
Faithful husband

Caring father…

Born at a time
When so many others
Came into being

Gave lesser opportunities

Boomers get blamed
For many sins…but it’s
Largely that we didn’t want
The lives of our
Mothers and fathers…

To become prematurely old

They were touted…called
The “Greatest Generation”
Their leaders led us astray
And we said…
“Hell no, we won’t go!”

Selfish? No…sensible

We didn’t believe
The self-serving lies
Why should we die

For their mistakes?

They had the lives
Of leisure…at the end…
We see a world of
Everlasting war…
Their world still has teeth

Will we see the end?

The planet handed to us
We see it dying…
And yet their false prophets
Say full speed ahead…
Until our Mother Earth is dead?

Fuck it! It’s time for me!