Not a soothsayer
Nor reader of cards,
Tea leaves, or lifelines
I can still offer prophecy

I base mine on observing…
On justifying what I see
With what I’ve learned…
We constantly learn as we live

The handwriting was on the wall
Something we say after the worst
Has already befallen us…
So why didn’t we take that advice?

Reputed to be the most
Intelligent animal…I have my doubts
Religion and other superstition
Corrupt our logical senses

So what is my prophecy?
It’s simple but sad…
We have reached the pinnacle…
Now we’re in the long decline

As some question the truth
Of evolution of species
I’m seeing the footprints
Of its opposite as we devolve

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/19/16


We say Bon Voyage
But who makes
A voyage anymore?
It means more than a cruise…

Certainly, outside of space
Where would you go
On a voyage…
Even for discovery?

Would you choose
The depths of the sea…
To journey to Mars…
When that’s possible?

What about beyond?
In the absence of warp drive
The commitment to travel in deep space
Is the work of a lifetime…

Even if we had such things,
My commitments are to
Make life better in the
Here and now…join me

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/24/16



I know I can’t
Live into infinity
I can’t imagine how
Anybody could…

But living in love
Is what I’d call forever…
An honest connection
With another soul…

I know that even
Art or poetry
Can disappear…
Even in a heartbeat

So nothing has
Eternal life…it’s a myth…
But deep committed love…
I’d gladly take a shot

Why not make it legendary?
A top shelf kind of love…
I’ll drink to that…
And shall we seal it with a kiss?


In younger years
I lived in awe of
Painters, sculptors
An architect or two

Never mind the
Rock stars…
I couldn’t play
A single note

Finally it came to me
Famous artists
Didn’t get that way
As overnight sensations

Having success at
Early attempts was
What it took to know…
If you have it, it’ll show

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/23/16


He looked inside…
Saw his cache
Of love was
Almost on empty

Till death do us part?
No longer to believe…
Or did they just
Start with empty tanks?

He knew it wasn’t
As it should be…
There always was
A distance…

From the start
It was always
“His fault”…that
He wanted more

How do you agree
When you’re always
Found “guilty”…
Of wanting love?

There’s now no
Going back…
And no reason to
Go forward…
The tank is empty

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/22/16


She’s more than
A companion…
The one who chose me
And was chosen
In return…

Does it happen often?
To someone every day…
But many years passed
Since I was chosen
And back then wasn’t sure

I know the difference now…
Love that’s real and
Deeply felt…it doesn’t
Take a rocket scientist
To recognize…

Hold me, and I’ll hold you
Tighter than anything
You ever felt before

As you sometimes hear,
We’re in this together…
I’ll add to that…forever

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/21/16


The solstice
Comes & goes
Bringing often
Stifling heat

It wasn’t bashful
This year…heat
Right from the start…
And who’s ready?

We talk of climate changing
Some refuse to see it
Though signs are all around
We are its creators…
Do we see ourselves as gods?

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/20/16


Adrift for too long
Wondering how to
Reconnect with
Who he was

Not aimless…as
Some would be…
Foolishly, he believes,
He just gave in to
Another’s demands
Many times too often

It takes time to reveal
What is out of sync
And reversing it takes time…
He hopes he has enough
He’ll not give in…not again
And he’ll never give up

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
DAILY PROMPT for 6/19/16


We seek an impossibility
To our distraction…
We can’t get no perfection
And, no…we can’t even
Get no satisfaction…
It’s no more than an ideal
But striving is what it’s about
And so we go…seeking
The impossible dream

© 2016 Robert Mihaly

DAILY PROMPT for 6/18/16