Enough is enough
Upset by politics
Going the wrong way
A sharp right turn
Backward into times
Best left behind
I speak my mind
Resisting backsliding
But I need respite
From bad news…
So tomorrow I’ll be
Back to the grind
But not today


  1. suzannevcarey · April 20, 2017

    Well said my friend!!

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    • artifiswords · April 20, 2017

      Thank you, Suzanne. I wish there was something good to say about politics…I’m exhausted by it. No lessons learned. People elected the people who are keeping them down. It’s so discouraging. :-/

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      • suzannevcarey · April 21, 2017

        Understood and agreed. I just can’t help feeling that as a people our vote didn’t count because if it had we’d of had a different president. It was the electoral college that put Trump in office. Our votes mean nothing 😔

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      • artifiswords · April 21, 2017

        They don’t matter enough. One party doesn’t want them to. Money has corrupted both major parties, but one is forever totally owned by unlimited and secret money…until we the people shut it off. We HAVE to vote and give non-responsive politicians Hell for it.


  2. AprilEsutton · April 21, 2017

    Everyone needs a break. It is a very good thing for my very good friends. My really good friends.

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    • artifiswords · April 21, 2017

      Only trouble, April, is finding an affordable and comfortable cave…or mountain top. 😛

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