I heard them talking…
Of getting up to altitude
Then stepping into air
Seconds or moments
Of free fall…then
With the pull of the ripcord
Floating gently to earth…
But what if nothing happens,
If the chute doesn’t deploy?
You can feel your body flatten
Against this earthly coil…
I’m not afraid of such heights
2 miles up in a balloon was
Strange…not frightening
But I won’t jump out of
A perfectly good plane,
Not in this lifetime


  1. suzannevcarey · April 29, 2017

    My older brother used to sky dive. He used to dash there’s nothing wrong with jumping out of a perfectly good plane

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    • artifiswords · April 29, 2017

      I take the opposite view, Suzanne. Though ballooning accidents get big coverage and normal landings are often characterized as “crashes” by the uninitiated, it was, in my humble opinion, mostly safer than jumping out of an airplane. Parachutes? Nope!

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      • suzannevcarey · April 29, 2017

        Personally I’d NEVER jump out of a plane. Not crazy about those kind of heights!

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      • artifiswords · April 29, 2017

        For me, only if it was in flames, though, in general, I’d rather go down in flames than burn out. I’ve gotten too close to THAT more than once in life. I was more comfortable at high altitude in a hot air balloon than I’ve ever been looking over the edge of a building…even a garage roof. I knew I had time before the impact with the ground, even if the burner flame was out. Thankfully, I never had to put my knowledge into practice. No parachutes for me.


  2. denise0904 · April 29, 2017

    me either…eek

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