Most people have never heard of
Let alone seen balloons
In a competitive event…
So I’ll explain as best I can
For the uninitiated…
The point isn’t speed
A balloon only moves
As fast as the wind it’s in
So the point of the competition
Is accuracy…and flying skill
Wind speed and direction vary
At different altitudes…
Usually, but not always
Faster as the altitude increases
At the highest levels of the sport
Flight consists of flying tasks…
With a target or goal at the end
You have to prove you got there
By leaving a marker dropped or thrown
From the basket…no mean task
The ultimate challenge at
Major events can bring a
Multitudinous selection of goals
The one-armed Chinese paper hanger
Has nothing on those who succeed
Who’s on first and what’s on second
Becomes clear as the final results are revealed
And you just thought
Balloons in flight were slow-moving
Beautiful giants…am I right?

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