Seek and ye shall find
Not everything is
So easily attainable
Not always a matter
Of ability…too many
Possessing great talent
Find limited opportunity
Sometimes who, not
What you know…
The ways of the world
Haven’t changed in eons
The greatest sculptor was
Forced to paint a ceiling
Lying on his back? No!
That’s a long-standing myth…
And standing was how he worked
His true love…painting? No!
Marble spoke to him, the
Figures inside begged him
To set them free…
To paint a fresco…the price
Of admission to pursue HIS passion
For years…four to be exact
He labored under orders,
Creating a masterpiece
Renowned worldwide forever
Not all find the opportunity
Many great beginnings fail…
But how many find another way
To “share the breathings”
Of their heart? So here I am…
Another sculptor, but this time
Willingly trading bronze and clay
For the words that I hope
Allow me to find my way onward
As I share what I’ve learned
And write to live beyond my time
© 2017 Robert Mihaly


  1. suzannevcarey · October 9, 2017

    Perfect Robert.. I love this!

    Liked by 1 person

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