In my lifetime
We’ve had the expression
“The Organization Man”,
The idea of conformity as a
Positive attribute…
The problem for me is
Though not a square peg,
I don’t fit in a round hole…
I’ve always preferred freeform
I’ll acknowledge good reasons
Exist for conformity…
We drive on the right
For obvious reasons
But tell that to a Brit…
We aren’t clones of a
Single person…and even
Twins have differences
Label me if you must
But you should know
That in a heartbeat
I can do the opposite
Of what you expect…
You’re not me…I’m not you
We’ll do what we learned to do
Or…better yet…what we decided
You should know…there IS
A difference between the two
© 2017 Robert Mihaly
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Wondering what it means
That I’ve always preferred the dark
After sunset, when it’s mostly quiet
There’s a peace that reaches
Deep into my soul…
In a visual world, there’s
Less that I can see…
But I rarely miss those things
When the world is sleeping
And I am still wide awake
Other senses heightened…
I hear the softest sounds amplified
Louder sounds are totally
Out of place…undesired
In the dark…the best sound…
The soft sound of her
Breathing beside me…sleeping
The only break in the silence
That I’ll forever desire
© 2017 Robert Mihaly
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Sad, depressed…and angry
All at the same time…
A full house of pain…and
I’m watching as the cards
Are dealt off the
Bottom of the deck…
They say the house always wins
But what if I burned it down?
Pushed too long and too hard…
The “fuck you’s” pile up…
Maybe it’s time to
Just let them fly

© 2017 Robert Mihaly
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Writing was always something I did…
On occasion…only when the need arose
I heard my sister repeat many times
What someone had told her…
Everyone has at least one novel inside them
Maybe yes…maybe no…we’ll see…
But time rolls on…and time is not a friend
I’ve lived long enough to learn
Not everything you want will come to be
Too often you get none of the above
But when I sat down to write a poem
After many years avoiding them
The dam of suppressed feeling broke
Is that enough for a sustained stint
Of pounding on the keyboard?
Don’t hold your breath…
But less likely things have happened
© 2017 Robert Mihaly
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Closeness doesn’t come
Only through proximity
Sometimes there’s none at all
Or it never feels real…
Lesson learned the hard way
But what now…
If you can’t count
On knowing the one
Beside you…
What can you know
Of one across the sky,
Of one across the sea,
Of one across the world?
All you can have is faith
That they’re true to their word
Without that…there’s nothing
I don’t want…nothing
I’ve already got the hat
And it doesn’t fit
I want the real thing
© 2017 Robert Mihaly
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