How horrible
Must it have been
In the days of sailing ships
To hear of the illness
Of a dear one far away
Knowing there was
Little chance of helping…
Leaving a helpless feeling
A gnawing at the gut…
Now we think we’re
Instantly connected…
But despite all the pride
In modern conveniences
Many things can make them fail
I know how it feels…do you…
When desire to show you care
And opportunity don’t coincide?


A shock to the system…
All was going well…getting better
Then suddenly, a reversal of fortune
Not that everything was headed
Backward from the start…
Not that everyone experienced
Exactly the same…but the day came when
Nothing that was working mattered
The wrecking ball was loosed
Lies aplenty, belying all we saw
Lies great and small…
Whether self-serving or mean
Could be counted on
Day after day…with
Never an apology
In shock…a great nation
Became less so…
Backing away from friends
And embracing enemies
What did we have to lose?
Everything, as we came to know
© 2018 Robert Mihaly