By this time
The hourglass
Running low
Who would expect
Renewal of life…
Love like never known
Renewing faith
In self and love itself
The lesson is
Never give up on love


Made of meters
That we call beat
Add it to a tune
And is it any wonder
When music speaks
To another’s heart?
Words always matter
Sometimes more
Than others…
The right song
Becomes ours


Stop me please
If I ramble
I figure that saying
So is a gamble
But I think it’s worth
Taking a crack…
Hoping there’ll be
No hiccup to queer it
So stand aside while
I steer it my way…
If I’m lucky,
By end of day
No words to mince
I’ll not need to wince
No need to festoon him
With deserved opprobrium
Everyone knows he’s just a pest

Prompt: Use at least 3 of the following 6 words in a poem

  • pest
  • crack
  • ramble
  • hiccup
  • wince
  • festoon


We’ve heard the song
Old Blue Eyes said
He did it his way
With few regrets
But didn’t he have
A great life that
Most would prefer
Over what they get?
Riches, fame, and
Beautiful dames…
Not everyone can
Score the same…
Face the facts, folks
If, like me, you try to
Make it sunny side up
Don’t you usually
Break the yolks?
Too many regrets
Have come my way…
Please…no more…okay?
I’m looking forward to the day


Up to a certain point in life
I went along with the beliefs
I was raised within…
All along I sensed that
Something didn’t add up
In my small universe
What should I believe?
Were the faith of my mother
And the faith of my father
More meaningful than
Faith in myself?
I thought not…
And as it’s often said…
That’s my story and I’m
Sticking with it


You’ve ridden Dodgem cars…right?
Well I had the truck version…
In 1956, Dodge made the perfect truck
The front looked like a Dodgem car…
So after the letters D-O-D-G-E
I added a tiny chromed M
4 on the floor and bucket seats
They weren’t cool in ’56…
Just part of a bare bones truck
A truck with attitude
There’s a downside to most stories
As much as I liked my Town Panel
Real life required more reliable wheels
I sold it with regret…
Regret that never went away