It was less than a second
Maybe half a second
Or so it seemed…
But it changed everything…
Cracks in the wall
What do they foretell?
Fade to black…
Mushroom cloud
Brings a firestorm…
Roaches watch as
We push up daisies
If anything survives…
Is this a world we want?
Is this the world
We should give
To our children?
It’s the ultimate
Literal dead end…
If this sounds right
You must be crazy!
Never was it more
The way to see things…
Make love, not war
© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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Appearing at the
Entrance to the
Rabbit hole
I see her…
Dressed in
And sandals
She’s not
Ready for
The ball

But I’m not
Long on formality
I follow her
I take the fall
Slipping down
Behind her
Then beside her
I don’t mind
That she planned
This all along

How can anything
Go wrong at all
When all seems
So right, I ask…
But not all is
As it seems
As I hear a voice
Calling out…
Come now, Alice…
It’s only a dream

© 2016 Robert Mihaly
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She was the first…
I was sure she’d be
My one and only
I was smitten…
She was not…
Or so it seems

I didn’t want
To say goodbye
She filled my dreams
For what seemed
Forever and more…
Why was it so?

Perhaps I’ll
Never know…
It’s too late to ask
I held on tight…
Perhaps too long
And I never said





She glides silently
Into the room
I pretend to sleep
As she finishes
Just enough makeup
To feel a little prettier

Although she’d kissed me
Upon her waking
I hadn’t yet moved
So not to let her think
She’d disturbed
My sleep before
I’d had enough

She doesn’t know
For certain that
I’d watched her
As she slept…
Knowing what a
Lucky man I was
To feel her love

So far this is a dream
One that drives me on
From day to day
That she exists
And that she has already
Long loved me as I am

© 2016 Robert Mihaly


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Trying to think about
My earliest memory
I found myself
At loggerheads with
The uncertainty of how
You know time before
That concept is taught

The real uncertainty
Of what came first
Was decided by
Vague remembrances
Only placed in time
By knowing details
Other things
I remember must
Have come later

When I fell out of a
Second-floor window
Into a bush below
Was I too young
To understand
What had happened?
I remember nothing
But what I was told
It’s a memory…
But not mine

Like clips from a movie
I have images in time…
My sister…10 years older
Loving to be second mama
To her little brother…
A blue stroller with the name
“Taylor Tot” was how she
Paraded me around
The neighborhood
Showing me off to friends

The neighborhood school
With a playground flashes
Into memory…but nothing
Can make me remember
Any action…maybe I
Remember no more
Because of my tender age…
Three or less…but I
Have always known one thing…
I was always special to her
And she was & remains so to me

© 2016 Robert Mihaly

Written from a prompt at #FWF: My Earliest Memory

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