Not growing up with pets,
The first I had was a kitten
Already an adult…but
Can’t say set in my ways…
Just had to consider
The circumstances…
A cat fit…a dog didn’t
What I couldn’t have known…
Time spent away brought allergies,
Massive and severe…and lifelong
Once on my own, already too late
The first dogs in my experience…
A gimpy chowhound lab and
A bad-tempered protective mutt…
Certain not to endear me to the breed
So it goes with life…I learned
A dog that seems so friendly
Can quickly bite you in the butt
A fate I narrowly avoided
The lesson unmistakeable
Beware a smiling dog
Are they so different
From some people?
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I put it on the page
Then walk away…
I wonder if others will care
Sometimes they do, but
So often there’s
Little evidence they have…
So what can you do?
More often than not
If you do what I do…
You get out a blank page
And start all over again…
Does posterity matter?
I’m doing this for me…
But I’m willing to share


Many years gone by…
Pleasures put on hold
As duty called…
But childhood pursuits
Lost appeal over time
And moments of pleasure
Captured in spite of myself
Weren’t enough to bring
More than momentary smiles
Instant gratification gets bad raps
Workaholics glorified…
Nose to the grindstone?
In my opinion, a load of bull!
Can I return to GO?
A balance of industry and joy?
I remember what it felt like
Before my days became
Overfilled with responsibility
And too often bereft of joy


If we could tell
Tales of many moons
What would we
Have to say?
Only a handful
Have walked on ours…
Yet how many moons
Exist in the gravity
Of distant stars?
Raised on tales of
Travel through space
Distant planets
And their people
Or creatures with
Neon glowing eyes…
We seem to have
Lost our imaginations
My sad reflection now…
A once in a lifetime thing
Will pass by…beyond reach
And beyond my means…
Wondering now…for me
Was it ever in the stars?
I guess it will only
Exist for me in dreams
As I wistfully watch in vain
For another heavenly event
Obscured by clouds
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I’ve always heard
The revolution will not
Be televised…but is it true?
We saw an interloper
From TVland…no less
Walk into the seat of power
Creating a massive mess
No gavel to gavel coverage
I remember from my youth
But TV played a major part
Building up the one who
Cannot tell the truth…
What happened was revolting
Half plus would conclude
A bloodless coup so far
But where we’re going
I fear we’re treading on
Dangerous ground…
TV won’t tell the story
When the screen is broken
I see the glint of light
From the torches of anarchists
On the shards of
Millions of TV screens


We heard them say
Make America great again
But how’s that possible
When only the few at the top
Profit from the labors of the many?
It goes against the grain
Dirty money hidden from view
Given in anonymity by the few
Takes choice away…out of reach
They don’t care about our dreams
The essence and reality of democracy lost
All that matters now is their schemes
Democracy born of secret votes
Stolen as dirty money buys
Politicians by the dozen
Costly to us…for them cheap
Greatness will only come when
One man, one vote comes back to rule
Education they don’t favor
Slavery is their choice
Will this ever truly be
The land of the free and
The home of the brave?
Sometimes I wonder…I do now
© 2017 Robert Mihaly


Writing my way to life
One poem or story
At a time…
Existing isn’t enough
Amusements are enough
For some…not me
Death seemed imminent
Without purpose…a goal
Even as I sit and watch
The mind is working…
Hopefully never again
At odds with the heart
It took self-searching…
Patience and understanding
Taking myself to task until
Now…finally on the right path
© 2017 Robert Mihaly
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When you have an opportunity as a journalist to speak directly with the person running a political campaign, you jump at it. So it was that I was speaking, just after the Democratic Convention with John Minor, campaign chairman for Democratic Party presidential candidate Jane Barron, a recently-elected Senator from Maine. The election of 2016 had been a disaster for the Democrats. Losing the White House was only part of it. Making so little progress toward taking back control of the Senate, let alone the House, had been disappointing. So I had to ask if they hadn’t learned the wrong lessons from that experience. “John, after the level of anti-woman sentiment that worked against Hillary Clinton in 2016, what was the thinking behind having another woman candidate in the next election? I’m not saying a woman can’t or shouldn’t be President, but are the people…the voters…likely to change that quickly?”
“So, Ryan…I hear what you’re saying. But Jane was selected in the primary process. Voters in a wide range of states voted for her…selected her to be the nominee…believed in her programs.”
“Of course. We have the system of primary elections to narrow down the candidates to one, but can’t we agree that, because of the way the electorate has been fragmented by partisanship and hot-button issues, that primary voters of both major parties are more extreme than those who vote in the general election? And it’s only gotten worse since the Republican Party has so severely shifted to the right.”
“You’re right, Ryan, but you’re also right that this started with the GOP being taken over by the Tea Party and the extreme infusion of dark money. I read what you wrote about that. The GOP is addicted to Koch dollars at all levels. We want to speak directly to the people…but we have to compete with far less money to work with. There are, of course, liberal millionaires donating to the party and to PACs, but the big money goes to the GOP. That’s why one item on our platform is an amendment to overturn Citizens United.”
“Do you ever think that maybe the multitude of goals your platform lists are too much for the average voter to grasp and get on board with?”
“We prefer not to insult the intelligence of our voters, Ryan. The GOP reduces everything to a bumper sticker slogan. Think about how simplistic Trump’s slogan was…’Make America Great Again’. What did it mean? We know he was assuming our country was in decline. And maybe it was, but not for the reasons he stated. He picked up a lot of disaffected whites who blamed their troubles on people of color and immigrants. He spent the entire time of Obama’s two terms accusing him of not being an American. If you were looking for a scapegoat, you might believe Trump…and vote for him. We know that wealthy extremists on the right have worked hard and long to get us where we are. And they’re still not going to be satisfied until they control everything.”
“Hillary called them the vast right wing conspiracy. She was right about that. But, again, if you assume that the average voter in the general election is as partisan or as well informed as a primary voter, I think you’ll have a hard time reaching them. When it came down to it, Trump’s voters believed he’d bring back the jobs…factory jobs and coal jobs, especially. We know that was a lie. The President has no such power…and a GOP Congress wasn’t about to overturn free trade pacts…if anything, they’d make them less beneficial to workers. So why not concentrate on the major issues?” I wasn’t playing gotcha with Minor, but I wanted to see how he responded to things some of us in the media were finally focusing on.
“Like I said, Ryan. We believe the voters can see through the simplistic promises the GOP platform makes. And many of their platform planks are just mean-spirited.”
“I’ll leave it with this…and not to be offensive, but I think the complicated message will work against your candidate, even in the absence of the Clinton baggage.”
“I guess we’ll see in November.”
I thanked him for his time. I was certain I hadn’t been an effective devil’s advocate…how do you convince a true believer to consider an alternative? Having a vantage point further away from the issues gave me an insight he was unable or unwilling to accept. Fighting the last war is never the best tactic.
© 2017 Robert Mihaly
Note: This story is intended to become part of a political novel that is underway. It’s topical, so I hope current events don’t leave my story in the dust.
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