The train in Spain
Breaks mainly
On the plain…
That’s what I said
After it happened
On a hot day in August
As I chatted with a couple
From Copenhagen
My trip…a pilgrimage
A long-postponed
Viewing of a visionary…
Antoni Gaudí…the architect’s
Major works were there
Finally…to see them in person
On the long trek from Paris
Between the Spanish border
And my destination…
The train slowed…then stopped
Not another train to wait for
Just awaiting a fresh engine
I got the impression
It wasn’t an unusual event
But I’d go back
In a heartbeat


Many calendars discarded
Not just pages turned…
And though I’ve done much
There’s a hole in my life
The longer I’ve lived
The more the disappointments
The greatest…and not in stature
That the great love I sought
Came up short…something missing
Passion won’t be forever denied
Though it’s so late in coming
It’s never too late to find


The whoosh of
Double burners near
Told me I should
Fear a collision
A hot air balloon above
Misjudgment sent him
Down rapidly…out of control
Hoping he would miss the
Balloon below…mine
And then the impact…
I felt hot air over me as
His basket impacted fabric
Panic could have cost my life
Quick reaction my only salvation
Heavy application of heat to
Give me lift…but I knew
I was quaking in my boots
There’s a difference
Between panic and fear
Knowing what I 
Had to do
The solution…
The reason I’m still here


Long ago we heard
This Earth…our home
Is getting warmer…
And could/would become
A hazard to our wellbeing
If you knew there were ways
To avoid the destruction
Of your home…why would some
Pretend the problem
You can clearly see
Is naught to worry about
Not to be…
We put locks on doors
To keep out those
Who would do us harm
Why not a lock on all the mines
To keep the harm inside?
The danger…both real & here
The problem we need fear
Some refuse to open their eyes
Do they just not care
Or is there nothing living
Under their hair?
Either way…
It’s unbelievable


It’s only six
But it mates
And that’s the problem
It matches up with many
A veritable elemental slut
Breaking up with one form
To jump in bed with another
That’s the way the planet goes
As it circles the drain…
Do we get global climate change
Or oceans full of acid rain?
Can we teach carbon some manners
Before it’s too late…will we realize
She’s only doing what comes naturally?
The problem’s on OUR plate!


It started quietly
Understanding not yet
That she wasn’t teasing
My love she sought
It took awhile
To see the handwriting
On the wall…
Just a minor detail?
No, not quite…
Life gets in the way
Even past life…
I’ll get past the past
In time…
Just wishing that
Certain parts of time
WOULD fly by…
As love waits patiently


She came to me & said
Walk beside me
Take my hand
We’ll lead each other
To our promised land
How do you refuse
An offer like that
Simple answer…you don’t
You find a way to
Put obstacles behind
The rear view mirror
Never can show
The direction
I plan to go…
Love at any time
Is never too late
And it’s always a gift